Required Element Name Attribute Data Type Length CDATA Description/Usage Example(s)
Y itemlist VendorCode string (GUID) 36 N/A Root Element - wraps all item elements.
The attribute [vendor_code] is set to the vendor code assigned to you. This is a 36 digit GUID (globally unique identifier) string.
<itemlist VendorCode="da185c9e-f942-42f3-8c68-6fa30e93d87c">
Y item type string 10 N/A Item element - Wraps all elements describing product.
The attribute [type] is set to the type of product. Currently, this will always be set to "ammo".
<item type="ammo">
Y product_id   string 50 Optional Unique identifier for your product.
Can be anything you wish such as a SKU or a database index, so long as it is unique.
NOTE: If duplicate product ids are found, errors will occur and your feed will be rejected.

C price_per_box   decimal   N/A Required, if selling by the box, tin, bag, or each. <price_per_box>13.02</price_per_box>
C price_per_case   decimal   N/A Required, if selling by the case or carton <price_per_case>192.30</price_per_case>
Y stock_status   string 1 N/A Abbreviations available -
"I", "O", "B", "P", "C", "S"
I=In Stock,O=Out Of Stock,B=Back Ordered,P=Pre Order,C=Call,S=Special Order